Thursday, November 22, 2007

How do you Handle your Data Streams?

I thought I had a glimpse the other day on why I'm fascinated by data streams big and small. For my students I feel connected to them, somewhat maternal I have a better knowledge of when and what they like to work on. I know which of them has been working and solving the puzzle of Wikispaces. I feel maternal and protective that everything is ok with them. I can feel connected to them even when I've been to the dentist and not taught at school that day. Many students that are the least successful on the standardized assessments shine and grow on the production of virtual code, data, pictures, sounds, real time flow. Am I moving to a place where the stream as source is what I crave? Too impatient to wait for the archival process. Is Wikipedia . . . I have a bad habit of working in fits and starts, but streams even when down to a trickle still flow. How do you handle your data streams? I put them in places they don't belong. My Entourage email box fills with tiny little edits, and I let it be because the steps are small but just as important as many other items that fill my email. I keep multiple copies of these streams through RSS and I have apps. and web apps. so that I can look and play with the data, or let the data play with me. Streams, got to keep the streams flowing and becoming more meaningful, the path of conversation and learning. I've never understood completely certain books, but have my own vision of what they hold. An example of one of those is the noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin. All that data circling over head and through us the Wifi photo microwave cellphone voice internet video streams. . .

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