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TEACHER 0.0 I'll have a large abrasiveness and two ice cream fizzwaters

if you, passing, meet me, and desire to speak to me, why should you not
speak to me?    And why should I not speak to you? - Walt Whitman

If by chance we meet on a road. . .           along a path. . .                           or during an odyssey. . .
Me & Somayeh - Inside the RoadThis Way to NarniaOdyssey

Use the skills you know to communicate, because the Read Write Web is every teachers' responsibility to know and help our students learn. . . learn to be creators and organizers of content=ideas not just passive consumers.

beyond the dots. . .
Holesdotsgreen dotsLadybug (FI-22993)Red + White BallThe Stronghold

beyond the dashes. . .
IMG_3453geeksIMG_3454Who needs a hybrid anyway?volvoSum blu cawr

Ones and Zeros first began with. . .
Morse code the 19th century and the transatlantic cable between NY and London that allowed for real time data and interaction.

And place no longer matters as learning is happening all over the world. Ideas from any one teacher everywhere can be available to everyone. A classroom project can be seen by everyone. This is what is called a flat world. . .

South Hall Office

And the data and information and knowledge to become a 21st Century teacher is not decided upon or settled by any one teacher or place in the world. . .


stethoscope [closr]

come write, determine, participate, and share the knowledge with us

go all the way to Timbuktu

Djingareyber Mosque

chat speak listen respond write

Oak leaf cluster    Teacher X.0!

I was in the chat in Classroom 2.0 and Lisa Parisi made me think of the importance of beginnings, beginners and being open to learn, and I've always tried to abide by that feeling too. The first time I learned of someone believing in this was when a teacher of mine quoted Albert Einstein "He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed," for a "conceptual design" department (this link is from Stephen Wilson, who has been a constant presence) class in my art department. So I remember creating a small box with a view hole, plastic baby, mirrors, and cotton and taping to the side a walkman playing over and over "retain the child within you," and that's when "childlike fascination and sense of wonder," first came to form a phrase in my mind that I remember. Trying to find the A.E. quote I stumbled upon this page of artists reflecting on the word "wonder."

Lately I refer and share in many instances when trying to show, how we should work together to learn Web 2.0 tools, Carolyn Foote's Beginner's Mind. I used this and chose for my playful application Moolvl for a presentation I made for my school district.

photo sources:
Image: 'Roofie'
Image: 'Peek-a-Boo'
Image: 'Tree path'
Image: 'Odysseus and Tiresias' 'Holes' 'dots'
Image: 'green dots'
Image: 'Ladybug (FI-22993)' 'Red + White Ball'
Image: 'The Stronghold' 'and who are you?'
Image: 'IMG_3453'
Image: 'geeks' 'IMG_3454' 'Who needs a hybrid anyway?'
Image: 'volvo'
Image: 'Sum blu cawr'
Image: '6569' 'First Impressions'
Image: 'Djingareyber Mosque'
Image: 'Angel Oak MK3'

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