Sunday, October 26, 2008

CCK001B From the Outside Looking In

I became much too busy to take on the Connectivism course with George Siemens and Stephen Downes; nonetheless I'm still interested in understanding more about the theory and so I took on some of the learnings for week one as well as creating a mind map using Cmap tools which was the recommended software to use. My understanding so far is somewhat limited as I haven't read about many of the referenced theories in many years. I looked over the text for week one's title of "What is Connectivism?" Instead of trying to stumble through writing text that did not appeal to me at all. I thought I'd use some of the words that occurred from Connectivism:
Learning Theory or Pastime of the Self-Amused?
which was one of the required readings. And after creating a wordle I input the common words into flickrCC.find+someone+who%3AJuhan%27s+2008+Career+GraphJuhan%27s+2008+Career+Graph
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